The PM Line includes permanent magnet brakes in which the braking force is generated by a permanent magnetic field. The brake thus works in a de-energized condition and fulfill the following functions: Holding, positioning and emergency stop. The neutralization of the braking force is effected by the counteracting electric field, granting a high degree of security, even in the case of power failure. Permanent magnet brakes are characterized by a secure, residual-moment-free lifting in any position, and by a backlash-free transfer of the braking torque. Therefore, they are ideal for servo motor applications.

Brakes, servo-brakes and accessories
  • permanent magnet brake
  • electromagnetic brake
  • servo brake

Product features

Rated Torques 0.01 - 120 Nm
Standard rated voltages 24 V, 205 V DC
Protection IP 00
Thermal class F (B for 14.120.xx.2xx)
Accessories (options) Organic friction pad

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