Pestemal Towel from Buldan Home Textile Parsa

Pestemal towel from Buldan in several designs and colors
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“Towely” was born in Buldan County, which is known as the land of chimneyless factories. It continued production for many years with the traditional weaving benches called “karatezgah”. On the way to institutionalization in 2023, it was named “Towely”. It continues producing loincloths with the motto of “Modern version of the past” in line with its traditions and customs at Buldan where is known as the Land of Chimneyless Factories. VISION On this path we walk, by creating quality, innovative and different products in accordance with tradition, It continues to be a target of being preferred brand in every moment of people’s lives in Turkey as well as all over the world. MISSION By providing the right quality-price ratio, it completely fulfills consumer expectations.

  • Towels, bathroom
  • Bamboo Towels
  • bath towels
  • bathroom towelling

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1500 eur


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77700 Yalova - Turkey