High speed and heads, Pfaff KSM Mark III "MADE IN GERMANY", for garments, knitwear, leather, etc. Due to it´s outstanding productivity combination of working speed and the many downtimes reducing features like self lubricating, jumbo hook, adjustable pressure foot for various material thicknesses, etc., this class with 2 up to 60 embroidery heads is designed for a daily 24 hours operation. This economical long lifetime machines guarantees a astonishing short payback. Pfaff KSM embroidery machines have a unmatched working speed of up to 1.600 stitches per minute, dependent on machine type, stitching area and kind of production. And this for up to a stitch lenght of 6.2 mm! Other brands reduce sensitively the speed after 2,5 mm stitchlenght or do "jumpstitches". This is a definite 25-30 % higher speed compared to the rest. This high speed is of greatest interest for designs starting with only aprox. 5.000 stitches. Other brands needing more stitches than with the Pfaff KSM...

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