Pharma Dispenser Series for high viscosity pharmaceuticals

High-precision filling thanks to a programmable suck back
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After every successful filling of a package, it is a basic condition for precise dosing that the thread is defined and breaks off cleanly. This effect usually occurs with water-like materials - with viscous products, so called semi-solids, but often not: Many products such as creams, gels and ointments pull long threads from the tip of the dispensing needle into the respective packaging. The ViscoTec Pharma Dispensers provide a solution: After a dosing shot of the Pharma Dispenser, the product path through the chambers in the rotor-stator system is blocked, thus preventing dripping of the dosing medium. A valve at the dosing needle or at the pump is not necessary. Thanks to the reversible direction of rotation, retraction can be set after the end of dosing: The material is drawn back into the dosing needle in a defined manner.

  • Pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • progressive cavity pump
  • dosing technology
  • positive-displacement pumps

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