Pharmaceutical Packaging Film - Ultra Pure High Barrier Film



Manufactured in ISO 7 class 1 clean room facilities our medical packaging film products are an 'ultra pure' construction available in either clear or opaque specification. Purpose built for highly technically demanding pharma and medical projects, our 'ultra barrier' material has become the go to choice for market leading protection. Our films have also proven themselves highly effective for the packaging of Surgical and Medical Instruments, Surgical Appliances, Ophthalmic Devices, Dental Devices and medical apparatus. With a flexible approach to manufacturing, we are able to offer sampling and small batch runs all the way through to volume production and post-operative assembly. Likewise, we mould tools that we have manufactured ourselves or are supplied by our customers. Our quality control systems meet all the requirements of ISO9001 and we embrace continuous improvement to ensure that these standards are maintained and evolve. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.