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Pharmaceutical and biotech pressure vessels, containers

Minimal dead space constructed with fully welded insulating shells


Pressure vessels, reactors, Pharmaceutical and biotech pressure vessles, Process containers, storage tanks, Modules, components, plants, High-pressure apparatuses,Heat exchangers, vaporisers, condensers, Cryo pressure vessels, technologies Nuclear technology, Vacuum chambers, vacuum apparatuses, Columns, according to PED (EN13445 / AD-2000), ASME (U-Stamp), China Stamp (A1), TP TC 032/2013 (EAC) Pharmaceutical and biotech apparatuses are calculated and manufactured according to your requirements. Stainless steel and special materials are used in the production. After that, the products are grinded, electropolished and tested using non-destructive testing methods, such as ferrite measurements, used for the determination of the ferrite content, or by using the riboflavin test to measure total discharge and CIP/SIP capability. All materials, methods and processes used have been documented in full in detailed QA documents and can be tracked at any time. You can depend on KASAG.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry - machinery and equipment
  • Biotechnologies
  • Pressure vessels

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