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Decorating elements Novita - is a collection of inspiring design solutions for living spaces. The Novita collection allows changing the look of the room fast and easily. All murals are based on texture non-woven fabric. The collection includes a large choice of popular images and attractive prices. Images of Novita collection are well associated with each other and can be easily installed. Novita is washable wallpaper product - use the clean water for minor wet cleaning, but do not scrub with duster! Decorating stickers NOVITA - a self-adhesive decor element that allowing to change the the look of the living space fast and easily. The sticker is based on a polymer film covered with decorating printed image. Place it everywhere you like on the wall. Enjoy the new stylish decor of your room! Notice: You may re-glue the sticker but no more then two times depending on accuracy during installation process and the quality of the wall's surface.

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