TOV TPE Bonustrade offers to delivery, to your enterprise, a black (dark gray) pigment. Pigments turn out as a result of incomplete combustion of natural gases or oil products, light - resistant, is applied as a pigment at production of black oil and enamel paints, concrete solution and also in mix with other pigments to creation of gray tones. № Name of indicators Fact 1. Mass fraction of carbon, % not less 90 2. Mass fraction of ashes, % no more 10 3. Mass fraction of sulfur, % 0, 3 - 1, 5 4. Mass fraction of moisture, % no more 1, 5 5. Pass through a grid 0100 (100 microns), % 100 6. Pass through a grid 0020 (20 microns), % 90 The price - contractual; Terms of payment – 100% an advance payment; Terms of delivery – EXW, Zaporizhia. Use of our production will meet your expectations! Our company will provide you the highest quality of the offered materials, competitive price level and individual processing of each your application. Fedorchenko Anatoly Borisovich mob. :...

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