Oil paint, watercontaining paint, mineral paint, synthetic paint, ... ZINC WHITE NATURAL OXIDES: yellow, red, brown, black SYNTHETIC IJZEROXIDES: yellow, red, brown, black DRAGON PIGMENTS: red, yellow, blue, green, grey CHROME LEAD/ LEAD CHROMATE: yellow, orange MOLYBDATE ORANGE CADMIUM SULPHIDE: yellow, orange, red CHROME OXIDE GREEN CHROMATE GREEN COBALTOXIDE: green, blue ULTRAMARINE: blue, violet MILORI OR PRUSSIAN BLUE CARBON- or PITCH-BLACK IVORY OR BONE BLACK CHROMATE GREEN YELLOW: PY 1, PY 3, ... RED: PR 2, PR 3, ... GREEN: PG 7, PG 8, ... BLUE: PB 15, TITANIUM DIOXIDE WHITE A pigment is a substance that has the capacity of colouring a certain carrier (cement, plaster, synthetic fibres, paint, …). Contrary to dyes, pigments are insoluble. Therefore, pigments remain under the form of small particles and will just be dispersed in the carrier and so colouring the carrier.

Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial


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