Industry floors, concrete block-systems, plant pots, bicycle paths, clinkers, tiles, flags, joint wet mortar, cement adhesive, mineral paints,… NATURAL OXIDES: yellow, red, brown, black SYNTHETIC IRON OXIDES: yellow, red, brown, black DRAGON PIGMENTS: blue, green, grey CHROME OXIDE GREEN COBALTOXIDE BLUE CARBON- or PITCH-BLACK (limited) TITANIUM DIOXIDE WHITE A pigment is a substance that has the capacity of colouring a certain carrier (cement, plaster, synthetic fibres, paint, …). Contrary to dyes, pigments are insoluble. Therefore, pigments remain under the form of small particles and will just be dispersed in the carrier and so colouring the carrier. The colouring capacity of the pigment depends on the fineness of the particles composing the pigment. In general we can say that the finer the particles are, the higher the colouring capacity of the pigment will be. A pigment is only suitable for certain applications. The pigment shouldn’t react with the carrier.

Additives, dyes and pigments - industrial


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