In consultation with some external advisors, Stoopen & Meeûs have put together a colour palette for the Badgeon and Lime wash. These people, all of whom have worked in the world of paint for years, are trendsetters in their field and this has resulted in an extensive colour range To make these pigments mainly inorganic pigments have been used. For organic-based pigments too, only the highest quality pigments have been used which will keep their beautiful colours over many years. For safety reasons some colours are ‘exclusively suited for indoor use’ in Badgeon or Lime wash. It concerns the Whitewash pigments: red: Lucca, Minos blue: Lagoon, Magma These pigments come in 400 gram jars. For Badgeon, 1 jar per 25 kilo bag or 16 kilo bucket will usually suffice. For Lime wash, it may be necessary to add 1, 2, or 3 jars per 8 kilo bucket of Lime wash to acquire a deep, intense colour. All pigments can be intermixed into a wide range of mixed colours.

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