Pillow plate heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers


Temperation of fluids Pillow plates are used everywhere where liquids must be temperated. In dependence of application the liquids can be cooled or heated. Cause of this wide range of applications pillow plates are used in the process industry, in the cooling industry and in a lot of other industries. Pillow plates are also know as heat exchanger plates, evaporator plates, cooling plates /sheets and thermo plates / sheets. Pillow plates as air-/water-heat exchanger Additionally to the temperation of liquids pillow plates are also used as air-/liquid heat exchangers. In case of polluted or wasted air and if there are high demands for cleaning, more and more pillow plates are used as air-/water-heat exchanger. The large exchange surface and the good possibilities for cleaning are important features for this type of heat exchanger.

Heat exchangers
  • air-/water-heat exchanger
  • Pillow plates
  • Intensive temperature exchange
  • heat recovery
  • Customized welding points
  • three-dimensional CAD model

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