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Aloe Vera Microfiber Pillow for Hotel Textile and Home Textile


LINEN PILLOW Linen which is contained within itself the essence of the nature , the sunshine, the raindrop, the dew provide us to lead a healty fulfilling lifestyle . Linen offers natural protection to our skin. . It allows our body skin to breathe naturally and it also absorbs our perspiration. Linen fabric is preferred for its coolness , comfort and purity. Besides its simplicity and natural essence, linen has anti-pest and anti-bacteria characteristics. It attracts little static electricity and is preferred by many on health reasons, and even by those in conditions where clothing could not be changed regularly. Its durability increases along with moisture . Most of the Linen fabric can absorb moisture up to the %20 of its own weight. This natural character of linen turns it into the natural compound substance. Linen products present us a closer bond to mother nature .