During tapping operation, the spindle of the drill press serves merely as a support for the guide position of this tool, although it may be utilized to raise or lower the tap, and to hold it in a lifted position while the work is shifted and centered.The center line of the tap and the center line of the drilled hole will be identical as the same machine spindle is used for both operations. • Hardened and Tempered Replaceable Jaws. • Tapping accessory for drill presses or lathes. • Used for threading a drilled hole manually at one machine location, without moving the work piece • Ensures identical centre line of the Tap and drilled hole. • Can also be used as an ordinary Tap Wrench. • Allows the tap to be fed into the work piece with two-handed or fingertip control thus it reduces tap breakage while improving thread quality. • Does no need separate stands, guides or similar devices. The tap follows correct lead assuring true alignment

Machine tools - metal machining
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