WATTCO™ Pipe Heaters are especially constructed to fit inside standard 2 or 3” schedule 40 NPS pipes. These industrial tank heaters are specifically designed for usage in tanks that require extremely low watt densities such as waxes, thick liquids such as tar, molasses and corrosive mediums. Wattco pipe heaters do not come in contact with the liquid medium. Rather the indirect heating from element to pipe is used to heat liquid sources. This provides easy maintenance, as the tank does not need to be emptied out if the industrial heater needs to be replaced. Designed to withstand high heat environments, Wattco pipe heaters are an excellent choice to use with heavy bunker fuel oils, corrosive liquids and liquids with high viscosity. Wattco pipe tank heaters can use flange heaters, screw plug heaters as well as resistance coil heaters (open coil heaters). ** Ask for a quote **

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Product features

Flanged Pipe heaters with flanges meet with slip on flanges that are welded onto the tank.
Screw plug Pipe heaters with screw plugs are screwed into a coupling (NPT) and offer simple maintenance
Tubular The rigidity of tubular elements offer excellent support in environments with high vibration
Coiled The most popular of pipe heaters, coiled elements offer the most efficient transfer of heat.

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