Pipe Noise-proofing Kit

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This special purpose kit is intended forfast and effective noise proofing of drain pipes and wastewater leaders, ventilation systems, communication routes of up to Ø110 mm. The main material of the kit is Tecsound FT 55AL (Spain) being a combination of heavy viscoelastic mineral membrane Tecsound covered with boom foil and porous felt layer, ensuring maximum structural noise reduction values. Application WallWall Composition 3 viscoelastic sound absorbing membranes Tecsound FT 55AL, 1200 x 500mm 1 aerosol can of Bautger spray adhesive, 250 ml 1 metalized Scotch tape 11 tie wraps

Thermal insulation materials
  • Proofing Wall
  • Pipe Felt Layer
  • Pipe Noise

Product features

Length, mm 265
Width, mm 265
Height, mm 600
Weight, kg 11.6
Surface Density, kg/m2 5.6
Membrane Density, kg/m3 2.010
Felt Density, kg/m3 60
Low-Temperature Flexibility, °C -20
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient, W/(m °C) 0.037
Fire Hazard Class KM4

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