Turkish cotton candy pishmaniye is a Turkish sweet made of fine strands by blending flour roasted in butter and sugar. It is sometimes garnished with ground pistachio nuts. Although the texture is similar to cotton candy (candy floss), the cooking methods and ingredients are different. Pismaniye, which is also called floss halva, is a Turkish cotton candy of various types. Halva is pulled into strands using a special method. You may find pismaniye coated with chocolate, topped with pistachio or walnuts and flavoured with vanilla or chocolate. There is also a more buttery version which is called ‘Saray Helvasi’ (Palace Halva). This version isn’t easily pulled apart, so you may prefer this preferable if you find it difficult to eat regular pismaniye. Although cotton candy is a simple dessert with 3 basic ingredients: sugar, butter and flour, making it requires a special talent, so nobody makes it at home. The succulence and flavour of the texture just melts in your mouth.

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