Piston-Spring Manometer TKF2020


While most generic manometers typically fail after a short time due to vibrations or overload, the TKF-Manometer outlasts even under the toughest conditions. Overpressure safety: Mechanical stop at maximum value. TKF-Manometers are particularly suited for functional heavy-duty applications, less for sensitive pressure measurements For measurement locations under robust conditions Special Features Pressure condition visible from 4 sides Extremely robust For non-high viscous and non-crystallizing substances Overload-proof High vibration- and shock resistance Nominal range 0 to 630 bar Scale with pressure specifications in bar and psi Decades-long proven principle Threaded cover with dual fence. New connection technology between housing and connection thread. No safety-critical opening of the TKFManometer at disassembly. Constructively, the complete casing stays rotatable for 360° even under pressure and allows for tool-free alignment for an optimal viewing angle.

  • Piston-Spring Manometer

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