Pizza Twist



Hand-twisted butter puff pastry stick with a moist filling with Mediterranean seasoning, tomatoes, salami, ham and cheese. 130g 1 x 48 ready-to-bake Product attributes crispy butter puff pastry shaped into a handcrafted twist fruity tomato filling with plenty of diced ham and salami and grated cheese filling is seasoned with Italian herbs such as oregano and thyme as well as basil appealing wood garlic and cheese garnish eat hot or cold no colouring agents no flavour enhancers no hydrogenated fats/oils no palm fats/oils Suggested garnish Delivered with a garnish of wood garlic and grated cheese. Processing information Oven temperature 165 - 175°C Overall baking time 26 - 28 min. Steam lots Baking Program BAKING PROGRAM (Guide values for COMMERCIAL BAKING OVENS): Load the frozen pastries into a preheated oven (with vent closed) and bake with lots of steam. After 24 min. open the vent to give the pastries a crisp and crusty surface. Ingredients We would be pleased to send...

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