Plasma heat treatment, especially pulse plasma nitriding and pulse plasma nitrocarburizing is used for surface treatment of work pieces for protection against wear. For the treatment by plasma, the parts have to be placed in a vacuum vessel and are electrically insulated from the case. At a pressure of 50 - 500 Pa, a pulsed electrical D.C. voltage of several hundred volts is used between work piece and vessel, whereby the workload is switched cathodically. The ionizing of the remaining gas in the vessel results in a glow discharge. The electrical, positive ions are moving towards the work piece and impact with high kinetic energy. During this process at the surface the following happens: • sputtering, cleaning and activation of the surface • heating of the work piece by absorption of kinetic energy of ions • reactions of highly active ions with elements in basic work material • diffusion of elements -which are to be found in gas- into the work piece

Heat treatment furnaces

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