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Planetary Gear - high rigidity - with helical toothing, tangential-clamping, high rigidity...


The new generation of our high performance planetary gears with helical toothing, tangential-clamping for easy installation and sun wheel fixing. Besause of large shaft dimensions it dues a high rigidity and high approved radial load. The backlash of the SPN-planetary gear-series PURE is one staged = 4' / two staged = 6'. Analysis of the maximum allowed radial and axial forces to the output shaft: The SPN-planetary gears of the PU4-series are mounted with taper roller bearings on the output side. The allowed radial and axial forces Frzul and Fazul can be read from the diagrams in the prospect. Design features: silent due to helical toothing easy motor installation due to tangential-clamping with sun wheel fixing efficiency > 97% backlash < 4‘/6‘ any mounting position large-dimensioned shaft sizes guarantee a high rigidity compact rigid steel housing with B5 flanging high approved radial forces due to optimized taper roller bearing lifetime lubrication with synthetic oil