Planetary gear reducer with servo motor

PLF90 planetary gear reducer with servo motor testing


Low Backlash: Backlash is under 3 arcmin.Backlash for 2 stage speed reduction is within 5 arcmin High Efficiency:Efficiency for 1 stage model exceeds 95%,2 stage model exceeds 92% Size:PLF060/PLF080/PLF090/PLF120/PLF160 Output Rated Torque Range:From 9Nm to 500Nm Adapter-bushing connection,can be attached to any motor No Grease Leakage and Maintenance-free Planetary Gearbox Application:Aerospace,military industry,Medical health,electronic information industry,Industrial robots,production automation,CNC machine tool manufacturing industry,Auto industry,textile,printing,food,metallurgical,environmental protection engineering,warehouse logistics industry

Welding, electric - equipment and supplies
  • industrial machine automation
  • robots gear reducer motor
  • planetary gear reducer

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