The Planfix 115 is a high-performance lightweight tube squaring system with a high torque worm gear transmission and electric drive unit. Technical Data: Tube size range: OD 9.53 – 114.3mm / 0.375" - 4.500" Wall thickness: max. 3.0mm Electric drive: Single-phase AC motor Main voltage (input): 220/230VAC (50/60Hz) Power: 1100W / 5.1A Protection class: II Built-in electronic variable cutting speed: 0 - 144rpm Weight: 12.5kg Feed with scale Package includes: - Drive unit (Metabo), tool hub and tube clamping mechanism - Allen key set - 1 facing tool bit Also available: Tube Squaring System Planfix 115, 115V (Item number: 1.1.4005) Optional: - Transportation box with inlet for Planfix 115 and accessories (Item number: 1.2.4006) - Collets for Planfix 115, 1 set = 2 collets (Item number: 1.3.4007+Ø) - Facing tool bits for squaring (Item number: 1.2.4114)

Welding, soldering and brazing - equipment and supplies
  • orbital welding
  • orbital welding system
  • tube squaring system

Product features

Tube size range OD 9.53 – 114.3mm / 0.375" - 4.500"
Wall thickness max. 3.0mm
Electric drive Single-phase AC motor
Main voltage (input) 220/230VAC (50/60Hz) or 115V
Power 1100W / 5.1A
Protection class II
Built-in electr. var. cutting speed 0 - 144rpm
Weight 12.5kg

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