The plantation wood line is designed for processing uniform wooden logs grown in plantations. These logs have lengths between 3 and 8 meters and diameters between 100 and 450 mm: With the log feed, dosing step conveyor, debarker, washing system, dosing system all the way to the highly-ecient disc and drum chippers as well as the mills for the preparation of bark, the production of highquality chips is guaranteed. Key features Feeding of wood by means of handling cranes or loading vehicles Robust chain cross conveyors for the direct feed of logs Dosing step conveyor for absolutely consistent volumes Metal sensor and roller conveyor cleaning system Depending on the debarking demand, use of drum or rotor debarker Disk or drum chipper Advantages Robust, highly controllable wood feed Debarker adapted to the debarking demand Minimal ne material content High lling level and high utilization of chipper capacity High operational safety

Wood veneer - machinery and equipment
  • Plantation Wood Line Sienpelkamp
  • Plantation Wooden Logs
  • Uniform Wooden Logs
  • debarker
  • Disk or drum chipper
  • wood feed
  • Wood Line


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