Plants Crystallisation

CRIS 140 S - Evaporation-Crystallisation


Schulz+Partner designed a plant for the chrystallization of metal fluorides that allows to regenerate accruing pickling baths. The applied proceeding is an evaporating-crystallizing procedure. Vapor-volatile substances of content like nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid and water are distilled with the simultaneous forming of metal crystals. Those are discharged through an adequate attachment and separated from the liquid in a discrete stage. The procedure is carried out under vacuum, among others because of the stability of the used high-quality substances. The plants are adjusted to the particular situation on site. Adequate procedures can be implemented as a pre-concentration stage with greater volume flow rates. CRIS 140 S - Evaporation-Crystallisation Materials Steel PFA coated FEP-coating inside Silicium carbide PVDF Heating material Hot water, 95°C Destillate capacity 140 l/h Customer CEZUS; France Task HNO 3+HF+Zr concentration crystal-paste ZrF+H 2O destillate is acid for ch

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