Plasma (Ion) Nitriding services

Plasma (Ion) Nitriding/ Nitrocarburising and Post-oxidation


Ionitech Ltd. has its own plasma nitriding units and provides services of plasma nitriding, plasma nitrocarburising and post-oxidation using our more than 40 years of experience to achieve the best results. Upon client's desire we make metallographic test reports containing information about the process, the surface hardness of the steel, microhardness in depth (diffusion depth) and metallographic studies of the nitrided layer. Plasma Nitriding is also capable of treating parts of Stainless Steel without the necessity of a predepassivation process. The treatment could also be carried out so that it could preserve the corrosion resistance of the steel. Post-Oxidation is done if there is a requirement to increase even further the corrosion resistance of the parts or tools.

Heat treatment of steels and metals
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