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Plasma spray electrodes

Tungsten copper plasma spray electrodes and nozzels on stock


The following nozzles and electrodes made of tungsten-copper are available from stock: Nozzles: - PN-F4-6 - PN-F1-6 - PN-G-W / PN-GH-W Electrodes: - PE-F4 - PE-F1-45 / PE-F1-90 - PE-3M63 / PE-7M63 / PE-9M63 Thanks to its high melting point, tungsten ensures that even the high temperatures that occur at the particularly exposed tip cause no damage to the spray nozzle. The high level of thermal conductivity provided by tungsten and copper ensure optimum heat dissipation. As a result, our nozzles and electrodes offer excellent resistance to arc erosion. This guarantees a long service life. - outstanding arc erosion resistance - high temperature resistance - optimum thermal conductivity

Industrial sprayers for surface treatment
  • Plasma spraying
  • Tungsten-Lanthanum
  • nozzles

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