Plasti-Corder Lab-Station

Torque Rheometers for applicational investigations and simulation in the lab


What does it measure and evaluate? Speed, torque and temperature Why is this important? - The measured values are relating to the material behaviour and allow conclusions about the rheological properties. - Easy repeatability of device setting for e.g. recipe development - Possibility for process upscale. Fields of application - Raw material and recipe development - Material testing - Quality control parallel to production - Optimization of the production process - Laboratory-scale production of samples for further investigation What does it feature? - Modular system for Brabender Docking Stations - Real torque measurement - Measuring range up to (300 Nm EC) 400 Nm and optional up to 500 Nm - Control panel for local mode incl. remote control to temperature controller. Display for speed, torque, pressure, control- and stock-temperature. - Data logging with WinExt Software incl. connected equipment such as feeder, pelletizer and take-off units.

Testing equipment
  • materials testing
  • torque rheometer
  • polymer testing
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