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Promotional & Transparent Bags


Plastic Bags - Promotional Plastic Bags - Transparent Bags Print plastic bags with your most important message. Handed out to one customer, but seen by a hundred potential customers: exclusive plastic bags! Printed plastic bags in your design – and carrying your identity – are one of the most effective advertising media possible, and cost only a small investment. With a minimum order of only 1,000 pieces, you can buy your design on a printed plastic bag from us. Even small businesses can use this method of advertising with great results. These inexpensive eye-catcherss create an enormous brand impact and are useful to any type of business. Whether inexpensive or high-class, vertical or horizontal format, very small or relatively large: exclsuive plastic bags can be printed to suit your specifications. Almost any design is possible – from a small logo up to a complicated photo design. Plastic bags can be printed or dyed over their whole surfaces and offer almost 100% of their...

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