Plastic Covers and Sleeves

Excellent Protection for Sensitive Goods


Chipboard sheets, sofa sets, armchairs, beds... furniture and other home furnishings need to be protected against dust and moisture on their way from the manufacturer to the customer. This is the only way to maintain their appearance, functionality and value, ensuring the future owner will get the most out of their purchase. The solution: plastic covers and hoods from Dürrbeck. They provide excellent protection for furniture and other objects made of wood, fabric or sensitive materials. Plastic covers and hoods are essential in the furniture and wood industries – they protect valuable products as they are being transported and stored. These covers and hoods are also very useful in many other areas – so many that we don’t have room to list them all here! Interested in which of Dürrbeck’s plastic covers, hoods or sleeves would work best for your product? Contact our team – we will be happy to help!

Flexible packing
  • plastic covers
  • plastic sleeves

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