Plastic Knob By Plastic Metal Insert Molding

Custom Plastic Knob And Plastic Metal Insert Molding Parts According to Designs
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Ming Xiao Mfg has vertical injection molding machines with a weight of 80g-120g, specializing in the production of cable connector joints and metal insert molding. The product features are small size and high vertical concentricity. Compared to horizontal injection molding machines, the vertical insert molding of metal insert products does not bump the surface of metal parts, especially the metal parts whose surface has been rust-proofed. Due to the downward gravity, the vertical injection molding machine is combined. It is easy to scratch the metal surface when the mold is used, and it also hurts the mold. If you have any plastic parts need insert molding metal components, that we are the good choice for you. welcome contact with us for a quote, you will get a satisfied partner.

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