Plastic & Rubber Ferrules

Plastic Ferrules, Walking Stick Ferrules
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Our selection of Plastic & Rubber Ferrules includes a number of styles suited specifically for Chairs / Furniture. Easily fitting over the end of a Chair Leg these Rubber Ferrules often come with a metal washer inside the base, this prevents the foot from becoming worn in a short space of time. Employed mainly as finishing items or protectors to Chairs & Furniture, these can prevent the scratching and damaging of hard floorings made from common materials such as wood or stone. These Feet can easily be installed onto a leg end by a simple push, removing the need for fixings, fasteners or adhesives which other solutions may employ. These type of feet come most frequently in industry standard leg sizes, these being 16mm, 19mm, 22mm & 25mm. For our full selection of products and their sizes, along with the option to request your own free samples, please see the link below and follow the link through to our website.

  • Hardware for furniture
  • rubber ferrules
  • plastic ferrules
  • walking stick ferrules

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Styles Available:
Style 1 Ferrules
Style 2 Ferrules
Style 3 Ferrules
Crutch Style Ferrules
Nail On
Screw On
Round Plastic Ferrules
Plastic Angled Ferrules

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