Seat description: •the chair is manufactured by injecting high-quality stabilized polypropylene, •the surface of the seat is smooth and ensures safety as well as comfort of use by ergonomic profiling and rounding of the edges, •the reinforced construction improves the chair's functional properties, while the chemical additives used in the production increase its resistance to high and low temperatures as well as UV radiation, •water drainage outlet is located in the central part of the chair, •easy mounting to a metal construction with 2 screws or to a concrete foundation with 2 rawlplugs eliminates the necessity of using additional supports, •the fixing places in the seat are covered with two end caps, •a metal number plate can be mounted in the upper part of the backrest, •the chair can be fixed to a standing or suspended metal construction, •backrest height – 36 cm.

Sports equipment
  • stadium seating
  • Terraces and grandstands
  • Grandstands, mobile

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