Plastic coating



We have developed into a leading provider, specialised in various processes for surface coating of transparent plastics. Main focus lies on our abrasion resistant coatings, manufactured under cleanroom conditions. Thermosetting coating systems Using the flooding method a thin layer is being applied or rather “flooded“ on the plate. As a result a flushing effect removing existing dust particles occurs. We can coat plate ware as well as ready deformed parts. Considering provision of material we gladly give you any advice needed. We are familiar in using currently known scratch resistant paint systems, like PHC587, AS4000, AS4700 but also recent paints e.g. XH100, MP100. The plastics used are mainly PMMA or PC. Through these coatings the most transparent plates obtain a higher abrasion resistance, an additional uv protection as well as a higher durability against chemicals or an anti-fog-characteristic. Not only in the sectors of mechanical engineering and automotive, but also in medical

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