China Injection Molding Manufacturer,custom produce all kinds of Electrical Appliance Plastic Parts,Plastic Brackets,plastic flange,plastic adapters,plastic wheel,plastic knob,plastic cap,plastic covers,plastic shell,plastic plug according to clients' drawing or sample. The available Materials: PE,PP,PVC,ABS,PMMA,PET,PBT,PA,PA66,PC,POM,PU,thermoplastic elastomer plastic TPE,TPR,etc. all Flame retardant, anti UV, anti static requirements can be worked according to client's request. Drawings formarts: For injection molding plastic parts, because the structures sometimes very complicated, that the better provide the 3D model in igs,stp or others. for simple parts or extruded plastic parts, just need 2D drawings is ok.such as in PDF or Picture. Certificates: SGS,ROHS certificate.

Injection moulding of rubber and plastic
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