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Plastic wall plugs (Patented) with accessories - Can be used on all building materials, concrete, solid and perforated bricks


CHARACTERISTICS: Nylon anchors with anti-rotation wings and pre-assembled accessories for universal light fastenings. They are available in standard or extended version and in three sizes, hole 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm. APPLICATIONS: Can be used on all main building materials, both compact and semi-perforated and perforated. The exclusive Profix F universal plug has a body with a reinforced structure with a patented ALLFIX six-winged system that allows it to have a capacity of about 30% higher than the common universal plugs on the market.

Product information

Anti-rotation wings
Pre-assembled accessories for universal light fastenings
30% higher capacity
Private label available for hardware wholesalers
Lots of packaging formats: blisters, modular kits, etc.