•  operating temperatures up to 600°C (standard) •  completely made of stainless steel •  heat recovery factor up to 85% •  pressure-resistant up to 150 mbar •  completely welded •  high degree of efficiency •  without seelings  •  up to 100% gas-tight •  low maintenance •  small construction volume •  flexible coordination due      to single-item or small-lot production •  distance between plates from 3.5 mm to 7 mm •  available in the structural shapes K, L, U and LU  •  complete seperation of the two gas flows •  different current lines possible •  different volume flows for exhaust and feed air,       applicable for the temperature control of useful heat no costs involved Shape U    This structural shape is especially qualified for small plate heat exchangers. This structural shape is although qualified for plate heat exchangers which should streamed vertically.


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