Plate-shaped fire extinguisher


10.00$ HT
from 9,87 USD to 96,00 USD


PiroStiker based on microencapsulation technology. PiroStiker contains inside dozens of thousands of microcapsules filled with fire extinguishing agent which enables if reached the determinate temperature and fire occurrence takes place. In case of fire, the microcapsule explodes discharging the extinguishing gas, which displace oxygen, chill the surface and suppress fire. Fire extinguishing agent is ecologically safe, it doesn’t cause harm to human’s health and doesn’t damage equipment.

Fire extinguishers
  • fire protection measures
  • fire fighting
  • fire prevention systems and equipment

Product features

Extinguishing volume From 0,03 м3 up to 2.2 м3
Maximum supply voltage of electrical equipment Up to 35 кW
Operating temperature From -40°C up to +40°C
Response temperature +120°C
Type of extinguishing agent Microcapsules filled with fire extinguishing agent
Fire classes A, B, C, E
Range of devices PiroStiker P; PiroStiker 15, PiroStiker 25; PiroStiker 45, PiroStiker 60
Warranty time 5 years
Main advantages No maintenance within up to 5 years
Main advantages No current supply
Main advantages Safe for human
Main advantages Easy to install
Main advantages Easy to remove from the surface
Main advantages No damage to protected object if installed properly
Main advantages Non-ozone-depleting
Area of using of the device. At checkpoints, dispatch machines, power plants, cable mines, railways, electric vehicles, etc.
Area of using of the device. Effectively use as a consumer product in sockets, television and radio equipment, computer equipment

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