Plextalk - PLEXTALK are audible book players and recorders using DAISY standard.

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PLEXTALK is a registered trademark of Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. The brand name includes digital audiobook players and recorders that we develop and produce for the blind, visually impaired, and the visually impaired. PLEXTALK offers people with vision or reading disabilities better access to the world of reading by providing them with audible book players and recorders that comply with the DAISY standard. Shinano Kenshi Co. Ltd. develops and manufactures a variety of auxiliary products that allow blind, visually and read-disabled people to participate actively in society and to lead an independent lifestyle. The products, available under the PLEXTALK brand name, are already being used by many blind, partially sighted and physically disabled people, including librarians, volunteer translators, book authors / publishers, students, teachers, senior citizens, rehabilitation centers and social care workers around the world.