In addition to the range of industrial plugs, Plugtite has developed a range of nozzle adaptors to be used during maintenance of hydraulic lines and channels. Resistance to most oils and chemicals Temperature range from -25°C up to 90°C Does not shrink, leak or discolor Resistant to sunlight for greater shelf life Does not split/crack or deteriorate Easy to use. Insert, squeeze, press home and apply air-gun The compressed rubber ensures a tight fit By using the plugtite rubber nozzle adaptor in conjunction with an air gun it prevents splash-back of any oils, chemicals, liquids, or other debris from the channel /tube/pipe whilst cleaning under high pressure, thereby protecting both the user and the environment in and around the equipment from contamination, and, at the same time ensures that all the air pressure is directed into the channel ensuring a stronger pressure for improved performance.

  • Natural Rubber (NR)

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