The Cyclomix™ Multi allows the user to dose, mix & continuously deliver two-component paints or adhesives. Description Elimination of manual mixing errors Material savings guaranteed Always fresh material on demand ► For configurations and part numbers, please refer to the Documents tab. Performance Consistently precise mixed material due to the unique static mixer design and direct injection - inject mix technology Unsurpassed +/- 1% mixing accuracy even on the most demanding materials Highly accuracy flow meters Productivity Ideal for pot-life materials ≥ 15 minutes Intuitive use - Touch-screen control User-friendly with the Autowash (off production gun automatic monitoring) Minimum material and solvent waste due to automatic flushing and material generation The operator can control the system while in the spray booth using the glass kit option Sustainability Consistent product quality = Less rework cost Lower cost of ownership Reduces hazardous waste CYCLOMIX® Multi PH...

Product features

Electrical Power 115 / 230 - 75 V - W
Ratio 0.6/1 > 30/1 X/1
Maximum Fluid Pressure 2-200 (29-2900) bar (psi)
Recommended Fluid Pressure 2-175 (29-2537) bar (psi)
Maximum Fluid Output 2500 > 4000 cc/min (oz/min)
Number of Products 7-3-2 base-catalyst-solvent
Maximum Temperature 50 °C (°F)
Robot Communication yes
Air Inlet F 1/4
Fluid Inlet M 1/2
Fluid Outlet F 1/4
Number of Mixed Products 2 2K
Fluid Viscosity (min-max) 30 > 5000 cps in CA4 seconds (or centipoise cps)
Stainless Steel, PEHD Wetted Parts
Weight 70 (154) g (oz)
Number of Products 10 Max
Number of A Components 3/7 Min/Max
Number of B Components 1/3 Min/Max

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