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PlyGuard Phon

Sound insulation fire-retardant plywood


Plyguard Phon is a special brand of sound insulation fire-retardant plywood. The structure of the fireproof material includes cork, rubber or composite cork-rubber sound absorbing barrier. This complex solution meets the requirements for fire safety, sound reduction and damping of vibration. All layers of birch veneer used for production of the panels are impregnated with flame retardant. The weight and soundproof properties of the fire rated plywood Plyguard Phon depend on the type of barrier: sound insulation panels with cork are lighter in comparison with standard birch plywood and thanks to its fireproof properties they are widely applied in shipbuilding. Sound reduction plywood with rubber core has high antivibration properties and is mostly used for metro trains and rail vehicles production, but it is also applicable in other areas. It helps to decrease the negative impact of vibration on human safety and health.