Plyterra Birch Interior - High-quality plywood for interior use



Plyterra Birch Interior is a brand of high-quality birch plywood. For its production we use only birch veneer in all layers to guarantee higher resistance to bending and warpage. Interior plywood is a strong material due to the usage of urea-formaldehyde adhesive (MR) for veneer gluing. Formaldehyde emission level of Plyterra Birch Interior complies with the requirements of E1, CARB, EPA TSCA Title VI. The specific features of Interior birch plywood are low weight, long durability, high performance properties and hardness of the surface. The material is simple in processing and can be easily cut to size. Thanks to MR glue, the edges of interior birch plywood save its initial light color after machining and cutting. Alongside with good physical and mechanical properties, MR plywood has beautiful texture of birch wood and does not require any overlay.