Plyterra Color - Plywood overlaid with durable melamine film



Plyterra Color is a brand for birch plywood overlaid on both sides with a durable melamine film. It is manufactured on the basis of Exterior birch plywood. Multilayer structure of 100% birch plywood guarantees good strength properties of Plyterra Color. WBP glue, used for production of the panels, guarantees excellent bonding properties. Formaldehyde emission level complies with the requirements of E1, EPA TSCA Title VI. Plywood coated with melamine film is a multi-purpose material which is used in many industries. The density and color of the film can be chosen based on the final use of the panel. First of all, the film faced plywood is widely used to create cutting-edge interior designs. The films that leave the wood grain visible are especially popular as they feature the beautiful authentic texture of wood. Designers provide a variety of simple and sophisticated solutions for wall paneling.