Fertiliser Spreaders KUHN fertiliser spreaders adapt to all kinds of work: spreading fertiliser across open fields, along field edges and marginal zones, late fertilisation, and application to special crops (wine-growing, tree cultivation, market-gardening, etc.). All KUHN fertiliser spreaders offer incomparable precision and ease of use. MDS models (500-1800 litres) have working widths of 10 to 24 metres and incorporate localised spreading systems (over 2 strips and 7 rows). AXIS models (1000-4000 litres) have working widths of 12 to 50 m. For strip or localised spreading, KUHN’s UKS models distribute all kinds of products: mineral or organic fertiliser, gravel, salt, lime, etc. – nothing stops them! KUHN fertiliser spreaders are often imitated but never equalled!

Product features

Working width (m) 36
Capacity (max.) (l) 6300
Weight approx. (kg) 7000
Application rate control 6 independent metering units
Application (kg/ha) Urea: 250 (15km/h)
Working width adjustment 6 sections

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