Pneumatic Short Intervall Timer (3/2-way NC, subplate)

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Pneumatic timers are used for the precise time control of pneumatic signals in pneumatic circuits or systems. The pressure-independent function of time delay starts when pressure is applied to the control port. After the pre-selected time is elapsed, an internal 3/2 way valve is switched. The pneumatic timer is reset to the initial condition if the control port is vented for at least 300 ms. The adjustable time delay depends on the chosen version and amounts between 0.5 and 180 s. Due to its design the control pressure level must not be below working pressure level. As a result of the fire-risk evaluation according to EN 13463-1, the pneumatic timers are not subject to ATEX regulations. This means they may also be used in explosion hazardous areas as defined in IIG/ IID.

  • Valves for pneumatic equipment
  • Pneumatic Timers
  • Pneumatic
  • Fluid Technology

Product characteristics

Time intervall
0.5 - 60 s 
3/2-way NC 
Pressure range
1.5 - 8 bar
Type of pneumatic connection
Product type
Compressed air, non lubricated 
Ambient temperature
-10 ... +60 °C

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23714 Malente - Germany