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Superlight, Quiet New lowvibration sander Small and Lightweight for Comfort and Convenience Free Sander fits the hand like a glove. It's humanengineered to less tiring over longer periods of operation for big jobs, and compact enough to permit working easily in corners and other spots. Minimized Hand Vibration The turbine motor of FS100C and the singleball air motor of FS50A are mounted directly onto the sanding pad to minimize the discomfort of hand vibration and lessen operator fatigue caused by vibration. This along with excellent control results in a finer finish on all surface materials.

Grinding - machine tools
  • Vibration Sander
  • Sander Fits

Product features

Paper Size 100 x 110 mm
Orbit Diameter OD 1.5 mm
Free Speed (rpm) 20.000 min-1
Air Consumption 0.2 m³/min
Weight 0.5 kg
Standard Accessories Hose E Ass'y 1 set
Standard Accessories Bushing PT1/4 x NPT1/4 1 pc.
Standard Accessories Sandpaper #180 5 sheets
Standard Accessories Sandpaper #240 5 sheets

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