Pneumatic Tools



The unique scaler preforms scores of industrial and shipboard descaling and cleaning jobs quickly, efficiently and economically. Removes old paint and rust, dislodges solid matter or scale tar. Removes concrete adhering to panels, conveyors, mixers. Strips off bark from lumber, and scores of other applications.

Tools, pneumatic
  • Mixers Strips
  • Lumber Scores

Product features

Stroke Speed (min-1) 2.500 min-1
Overall Length 1,470 x OD 49 mm
Air Consumption (No load) 0.27 m³/min
Mass (Weight) 6.1 kg
Standard Accessories Bend Scraper 38 (2005) 1 pc. on the body
Standard Accessories Nipple M16 xM16 1 pc
Standard Accessories Hose Lock Nut M16 1 pc
Standard Accessories Hose Nipple 3/8 1 pc

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