Porous aluminium is a high porosity noise insulation material / metal. Silencers made of porous aluminium serve for noise reduction / absorbtion for instance in pneumatic systems. When escaping from the pneumatic device into the atmosphere, compressed air causes noise levels that are unpleasant and unhealthy. This problem is solved if the air leaves the pneumatic device via a silencer/muffler. We are happy to offer you customized silencers in different form and shape according to your needs - cylindical silencers, silencers in plate and discs form, industrial silencers and mufflers for different applications. For the manufacturing of Industrial silencers / mufflers made of porous aluminium we do not use any cost-intensive pressing moulds as sinter technology needs, but conventional casting moulds. Our products made of porous aluminium have – thanks to innovative and relative simple manufacturing technology – an excellent quality-price rati

Metallurgy - machinery and installations
  • silencers
  • sintered metal products
  • industrial mufflers

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