Pneumatic strapping tool ST POLI HT16-19

Pneumatic strapping tools
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Pneumatic strapping tool with vibration welding (heating by friction) for straps in polyester PET width 16-19 mm and max. thickness mm. 1,27. Compact, handy, easy to use, is suitable for closing all kinds of flat packaging. Thanks to a very short base and the command of reverse rotation of the roller it may also strap round packing with a minimum diameter of mm. 700. The operator simply inserts the two overlapped strips into the strapping tool, press a button to make the tension, a second button to get the vibration welding, and at the end a third button to pull out the tensioning device effortlessly.

  • Tools & Hardware
  • Pneumatic strapping tools
  • Strapping with plastic strap
  • closing all kinds of flat packaging

Product characteristics

Strap width
from 16,0 to 19,0 mm.
Strap thickness
0,80-1,27 mm.
Air pressure
6 bar
Air consumpt
12 Lt. / sec
5,3 Kg


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12050 Guarene - Italy